Strategic progress

Leveraging local strengths

In order to create, develop, and shape the future of motion technology not only in India but throughout the world, we draw on our parent company’s extensive experience and knowledge in addition to our deep understanding of opportunities present in the Indian markets. We are truly focusing on ‘Make in India’ for the world.

Investing for growth

We are strengthening our local footprint to remain competitive with reduced lead times and speed to market.

Strengthening localisation

Improving localisation and thereby cost competitiveness and profitability has been our constant endeavour. We are committed to constantly improve localization ratio every year.

Digitalisation in logistics function

Transport Shipment Visibility tool

Implemented Transport Shipment Visibility tool (Cargo-FL) for digital lorry receipt creation and shipment tracking to receiving proof of delivery (POD) through an API-enabled system. We have onboarded all domestic transporters on a single platform. This presents all the required information on a single interface.

Freight Billing Verification tool

Implemented Freight billing verification tool (Gocomet and SAP-based tool) for domestic and import freight bills, a 100% digitally enabled freight bill verification without any manual intervention.

Automation of inventory verification

We digitised the Inventory verification process at our warehouses with improved accuracy and speed.

Building locally global organisation

India offers the right intellectual engineering talent as well as business-friendly government policies to facilitate manufacturing. Schaeffler India leverages this as well as the cost competitiveness.

Nurturing talent and partnerships

Through active collaboration with local universities and technical institutions, we aim to attract and develop skilled Indian professionals. Additionally, partnerships with local suppliers and technology providers foster innovation and build a robust ecosystem.

Challenging status quo

I’m excited to share our continued journey towards sustainable and innovative growth in 2023. The ever-evolving landscape demands agile, transformational and a proactive approach towards challenging the conventional practices.

We set new standards for operational excellence and quality parameters and employee safety. We recognise the power of local manufacturing and continue to invest aggressively in our business. Our Hosur plant that commissioned this year and the expansion at our Savli plant are testament to our ‘Make in India’ mission. While pursuing our goals, we provide rigorous training programs, continuous process improvement initiatives and adherence to quality standards to ensure delivery of best-in-class products while prioritising safety and well-being of our employees.

With a clear vision, dedicated teams, and focus on innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence, we are confident in shaping a thriving future for our Company and contributing significantly to India’s industrial growth.

Sameer Mathur

Chief Operating Officer


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