Creating a meaningful difference

At Schaeffler, we are committed to social progress, embodied by HOPE, our flagship CSR initiative. HOPE helps us deliver on our promise through four core pillars: Healthcare, Occupational Skilling for Employability, Preservation of Heritage and Environment, and Empowerment of Society. We strive to empower individuals, revitalise communities, and create a lasting positive impact on the nation we call home.


Capitals impacted

UN SDGs impacted

Performance Highlights

1,358 Hours

143 Employees across
various CSR Initiatives

CSR thematic areas


`20.8 mn



Lives impacted

Occupational training for skill development

`33.2 mn



Lives impacted

Preservation of heritage and environment

`46.5 mn



Lives impacted

Empowerment of society

`51.8 mn



Lives impacted


Actions and impact

Mobile Health Units

We operate mobile health units to provide preventive and curative healthcare services to ~90 villages across Pune, Vadodara and Hosur. We bring these services to doorstep of beneficiaries through periodic visits, and at no cost to them.


Beneficiaries in 2023


Beneficiaries since inception

Adolescent anaemia programme

Enrolment and tracking of anaemic children, providing supplements for iron improvement, and conducting regular awareness sessions.


Beneficiaries in 2023


Beneficiaries since inception

Underweight children programme

Enrolment and tracking of underweight children along with special awareness sessions and regular counselling for the care providers.


Underweight children identified in 2023


Total underweight children identified

Counselling and awareness programmes

We provide Antenatal Care (ANC) and Pre Natal Care (PNC) services like counselling, vaccination guidance to the beneficiaries. We also monitor them on parameters of HB, BP, weight, etc.


Beneficiaries in 2023


Total beneficiaries

General OPD coverage

Curative services to treat minor ailments and distribution of free medicines accordingly.


Beneficiaries in 2023


Total beneficiaries

Sangaath programme

This government scheme acts as a bridge between the beneficiary and the government. We also help beneficiaries avail basic documents like Aadhaar card, Ayushman Bharat card and PAN card.


Beneficiaries covered in 2023


Applications submitted

Occupational training for skill development


STEP – Schaeffler Technical Enhancement Programme

Under this initiative, Schaeffler India focuses on the technical education of the underprivileged youth and has contributed to build a state-of-the-art technical training centre for underprivileged students. This programme is run at three locations.


Training the rural youths to gain technical skills in CNC Turning, Milling and Mechatronics, empowering them explore employment opportunities.


Empowering the youth by imparting industry aligned skills in CNC Programming, Simulation and Autotronics.


Upskilling programme at Government ITI, Gorwa trains youth on Industry Fundamentals, Mechanical Maintenance and Mechatronics.

Schaeffler STEP has given new wings to my life! After completing a Diploma in Mechanical and working for 3 years in the manufacturing industry, I quit the job and started my married life. I decided to reignite my professional journey after 13 years of career break and dedication to familial responsibilities by completing the CNC Machinist course at STEP and got placed at TVS Upasana Ltd.”

Mary Christy P

STEP Hosur, Tamil Nadu

Women Skill Development Project, Hosur

Trains rural women as Sewing Machine Operators and Assistant Beauty Therapists, extending entrepreneur opportunities to them.

NITARA Academy, Vadodara

NITARA Beauty Academy and Salon provides training in beauty and wellness services to marginalised and differently-abled women candidates to enable them to earn livelihood.

Skilling women for earning

Our CSR team has adopted promoting women social enterprise to bring inclusion of vulnerable groups by providing them financial support, mentorship and capacity building programs as an initiative. Under one of such initiative, two women enterprises from rural areas have been trained and promoted on sustainable products like jute bags, and river grass products for corporate gifting. One such women-run enterprise is now a registered vendor with us and has initiated supplying corporate gifting packaging material on various occasions.


Youth trained in 2023


Youth trained since 2017

Preserving environment

Actions and impact

Jal Samruddhi, Pune

Water security and conservation of natural resources at Wakalwadi and Gosai villages.

Jal Sanghamam, Hosur

Climate-proofing of agriculture and livelihoods at Madakkal, Krishnagiri district

Jal Jeevika, Narmada, Gujarat

Sustainable Water Resources Management

241.4 mn litres

Overall water harvesting capacity

456 hectares of land

Covered under soil conservation

5,450 tree

Saplings in 38.5 Ha of agricultural land

26.4 HP Solar Pump

Lift irrigation system installed Renewable energy for farming community

Recognitions for our CSR initiatives on water conservation

The CSR Journal Excellence Award

CSR & Sustainability Awards 2022 (Excellence in Water Conservation)

Rural Developement and Infrastructure (Large) Award

Empowering society

Actions and impact

Level Wise Initiatives

School Level



Literacy skills


  • Lok Vidyalaya
  • Mook Dhwani
  • Solar Electrification

School Level

Middle and High School


STEM education and life skills


  • MSL
  • Pre-Vocational
  • Mook Dhwani
  • Lok Vidyalaya

School Level

Higher secondary and engineering


Scholarship & Mentoring


  • HOPE Engineering Scholarship
  • Social Innovation

Education Initiatives

Mobile Science Lab

42 schools in Vadodara
20 schools in Hosur
7,929 unique children

Lok Vidyalaya

500 students enrolled
80% regular attendance
Clean School Award in 2022-23

Solar electrification project

22 schools in 2023 and 38 schools in 2022
6,719 beneficiaries
126 KW capacity installed

Social Innovator Fellowship

Received 130 applications
49 qualified

Quest On Wheels

15 schools covered
Organised 43 trips
1,631 beneficiaries

Mook Dhwani

200 students enrolled
90% regular attendance

Pre-Vocational Education

10 Govt. Aided Schools
2,412 beneficiaries
Community service K2,16,497

Scholarship & Mentorship

58/87 provided scholarship
50 employees as Mentors
38 sessions completed (Aug’23)

School students in the engineering division of one of our project schools (Pre-Vocational Education Programme) unveiled a solar dryer. This engineering marvel preserves fruits and vegetables while retaining their quality and nutrition. The students crafted this innovation at a jaw-dropping cost of just I2,500. This project not only showcased the students’ technical prowess and skills but also unlocked a whole new dimension of food preservation in the village.

Transforming lives through education

Somanathapuram Panchayat Union Primary School in Hosur faced the challenge of providing adequate learning opportunities for its 65 students. Due to insufficient classrooms, students had to sit outside, leading to inconveniences during monsoons. Determined to offer quality education, the school approached us for support.

Considering the situation, we have constructed new classrooms that create a conducive learning environment and feature interesting aesthetics that inspire and motivate students to learn.

The support has been extended to government schools located in tribal villages by renovating the toilet blocks and provisioning running water facilities, improving the overall school infrastructure, aiming to enhance the teachinglearning environment for the students of Karadikkal and Soolakunta Primary Schools in Madakkal Panchayat, Krishnagiri district.

Schaeffler India Social Innovator Fellowship Programme

As a part of our social development initiative, we announced our Social Innovator Fellowship Programme to acknowledge and incentivise individuals capable of developing distinctive sustainable solutions to create significant positive change to the society.

Looking for projects addressing the challenges in areas such as environment sustainability, natural resource management, renewable energy, carbon neutrality, circular economy, and application of technology in the social sector, we received 130 exceptional entries. Among the entries that emphasized digitization was the development of a device combining smartwatch technology and gloves to interpret sign language in real-time. Other efforts included developing an innovative glove device translating sign language into spoken language, facilitating communication for the deaf community and digital platform providing branding and communication strategies for SMEs and impact organizations.

The environmental initiates included, EV battery swapping service, enhancing the efficiency of electric vehicle charging, innovations in gender-friendly farm equipment, enhancing inclusivity in agriculture, working with farmers to improve soil health and implement agroforestry models, to industrial wastewater treatment using cavitation principles, revolutionize plastic waste management through AI and automation and developing sustainable solutions to combat climate change.

Awards and recognitions 2023

Best delivery performance for FY 2022-23

Rane (Madras) Limited

Certificate of Appreciation Implementing Retrofit Emission Control Device at Hosur plant

Cummins India

Commitment towards employee advancement, engagement and welfare

Maruti Suzuki

100% on time delivery performance and Zero PPM in 2022


Gold Award in 2023

CCQC (Chapter Convention on Quality Concepts)

Best Supplier Award


Certificate for exceptional service and enduring partnership


Certificate of excellence on QCD parameters


Certificate for excellent service and on time delivery


Appreciation for ‘Make in India’ efforts


Certificate of Kaizen Competition