Automotive Technologies

Precision meets innovation

We partner and engage with our customers to understand their evolving landscape and help them by offering leaner and cleaner solutions.

The Automotive Technologies division develops and manufactures innovative products, components and systems solutions for engine, transmission, and chassis applications for ICE (Internal combustion engine), hybrid as well as electric powertrains.

New products introduced

Coated mechanical graded tappets for 2-wheelers

W-shaped Roller Finger Follower with rotating pin for Passenger Vehicles

High performance Shift Towers for Passenger Cars

Highly Durable CSC Bearings for Pick-ups & Performance Vehicles

Ultra Low Friction Bearings for Off-road vehicles

High Speed Ball Bearings for Electric Motors, Axles

Heavy Duty Truck Clutches with high wear reserve – Increased lifetime

Self Adjusting Clutches for Passenger Vehicles

Metal Concentric Slave Cylinders for passenger vehicles

Safety Double Clutches for Tractors

Performance Highlights

₹30,230 mn

Revenue up 11.7% YoY


Schaeffler India Loyalty Index

Reviewing 2023

  • Our trajectory of business wins in areas of future mobility and internal combustion engines helped performance for the year. The automotive technologies business, contributing to 42% of our business, grew 11.7% during 2023.
  • We saw strong growth in commercial vehicles for the year. In tractors, despite the challenging environment, we were able to secure wins and deliver growth.
  • Our major strategic focus areas continue to be on customer-centricity, reliability e-mobility, hybrids and emission reduction.
  • We saw increased recognition from customers across different segments and categories, solidifying our status as the preferred technology partner.
  • A noteworthy accomplishment for us during the year has been the decrease in product development lead times, by advanced simulation tools, faster prototyping and increasing operations efficiencies. We made advancements in reducing customer warranty costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Planetary Gear System

Forecasting the rising trend in multiple fuel technologies in India’s automotive landscape, we are already collaborating with our customers for this transition.

With an upward trend in consumer demand for cleaner fuels, EVs and Hybrids have taken the focus in the current Indian automotive landscape. With our focus on customer-centricity, we expanded our Hosur facility to be well-placed for this change. The expanded section will help to localise the offering and support in the production of the Planetary Gear System (PGS).

What is a Planetary Gear System (PGS)?

PGS is utilised in hybrid vehicle technologies which helps in enhancing fuel efficiency, performance and overall driving experience.

Megatrends and opportunities

EVs and Hybrid

With two stronger individual technologies ruling the market, and customers minds, the auto industry in India is actively preparing for adoption of multiple fuel technologies.

Safety — ADAS technology

With safety being a necessity, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) has become relevant. ADAS in India is rapidly growing, and is not limited to luxury vehicles.

Strategic focus areas

E-mobility solutions

Solutions for hybrid and electrified powertrains

R&D for efficient and sustainable solutions

Digital competency

Enhanced bearing technology

Our new Hosur plant

We are establishing a sustainable and future-ready plant at Hosur, Tamil Nadu for our automotive technologies business. The first phase of this project will manufacture components for ICE a hybrid power trains.

Inclusive growth

We recognise the value of community responsibility and are aware of the potential of incorporating women into our manufacturing process. Having established the essential infrastructure and personnel to fulfil compliance mandates, we commenced with fewer than ten women participating in the quality control procedure, dispersed over three shifts.

Currently, the facility proudly employs ~150 women, all of whom are engaged in three-shift operations, not just in production roles but also in managing any situation. We take pride that our female employees feel empowered and confident about their future.

Green Mobility – The next big thing

The government has been proactive in supporting the manufacturing industry through policies and incentives, particularly in the adoption of electric vehicles and cleaner fuel technologies. These key technologies are expected to shape the Indian Auto Component industry over the next decade, including the development of components for EV and hydrogen fuel cells. As technology leaders, we are at the forefront of this movement with our electrified and hybrid power transmission solutions. As a supplier to the automotive sector, we at Schaeffler are fully geared up for the transition happening in the automotive landscape and are ready to support the next revolution of Green mobility, with solutions like hybrid powertrain components, electrified drives, and emerging technologies.

Aashish Bhatia

The automotive technologies business, contributing to 42% of revenues in 2023, registered a strong growth of 11.7% y-o-y. The strong demand for automotives in general, and SUVs in particular, enabled us to deliver an impressive topline performance.

Automotive industry’s powertrain technology is expected to undergo significant transformations, influenced by several factors such as Electrification, Hybridisation, Alternative fuels and Regulatory environment. Changing consumer preferences, and increased interest in sustainability will drive innovation and adoption of new powertrain technologies. We are well placed to provide cutting-edge products to support any of these fuel technologies by way of continuous investments in research & development, strategic partnerships, and embracing sustainable practices aligned with market demands & regulations. Committed to innovation and agility, Schaeffler India is poised to lead the change towards a cleaner, smarter and more sustainable automotive future.”

Aashish Bhatia
Automotive Technologies