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Recent R&D initiatives

An R&D hub for two- and three-wheelers

We have established an R&D hub for two- and three-wheelers in Pune. The focused local approach has helped to create several innovative products relevant to present and future market requirements – technologies spanning from optimised ICE powertrain to advanced fully electric powertrain systems. The hub files 15 to 20 patents every year.

Key achievements in 2020

  • Developed an automatic two-speed transmission for electric
    three-wheelers and engaged with major OEMs for its implementation. This product is a mechatronics system with elements of mechanical, electrical, electronics and software integrated together into a smart powertrain solution fit for the local market.
  • Enhanced our system level testing capability
  • Undertakes vehicle level energy simulation for EVs

Test capability enhancement

As we move up in the value chain from a mechanical component supplier to an integrated system supplier, product validation is becoming increasingly more important. In line with future product development roadmap, in-house test capability is being continuously enhanced.

Key achievements in 2020

  • Added several functional and durability test facilities in-house including:
    – Special Bearing Test Rigs
    – Anechoic Chamber
    – Powertrain Dynamometer
  • Maintained focus on building all new test rigs locally

Simulation on failure prediction during design phase

We are minimising the number of physical test iterations by frontloading them with virtual validation of product during the design phase. Through this process, potential product failure can be veri ed virtually, and product can be optimised during design phase. We are extending this capability to other product lines.

Schaeffler India Mechatronics Center

Evolving customer needs continue to drive a dynamic business environment. As complexities increase development cycles. Mechanical components are evolving to become systems with electronics embedded into them to perform desired functions, making them intelligent. Schaeffler is no longer a mere component manufacturer but brings in systems level expertise. Considering India’s unique engineering and technology talent pool, we are in the process of establishing a Mechatronics Center in Pune and ramp it up gradually. The centre will support Schaeffler’s global mechatronics development and drive stronger contribution from India.

Forum of Inspiration: India

Forum of Inspiration is an internal platform at Schaeffler India where all the functions get the opportunity to showcase their innovation acumen and inventive spirit. A sound follow through mechanism is in place to ensure that all good ideas get implemented. Overall, this platform is doing its part in enabling higher production, business process efficiency and timely new product launches in the market.

Key achievements in 2020


Ideas created on product and process innovations across Schaeffler India


Ideas were selected and presented to the senior leadership

Growing R&D investments

(` in mn)

Strengthening our R&D capabilities


Key products launched in 2020

Automotive technologies

  • Introduced clutch systems to new passenger car and truck applications
  • Implemented advanced wheel bearings in new platforms of
    Maruti-Suzuki and Tata Motors
  • Started supplies of new valve train, timing drive and water pump components to major OEMs
  • Introduced clutch portfolio for pass cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles
  • Developed rocker arm with HLA for tractor application
  • Advanced DCT Dampers for dual clutch transmissions
  • Launched friction optimised Gen 3 wheel bearings for customers and Gen 1 wheel bearings for light commercial vehicle segment

Automotive Aftermarket

  • Launched a complete range of engine oil, transmission oil, grease, coolant, hydraulic oil and shock absorber oil under the Schaeffler TruPower brand


  • Extended inner ring spherical roller bearing developed for export market
  • Extended current insulated bearing local range to e-motor applications
  • Extended steering races product range to three-wheelers
  • Introduced starter one-way clutch with torque limiter function in various two- and three-wheelers
  • Developed axle box housing for Alstom India for their Mumbai line 3 and Montreal metro coaches
  • Introduced industrial SNV housing kits