Sustainability at Schaeffler

Leading ahead in reinforcing our
responsibility for tomorrow

Sustainable manufacturing and carbon‑neutral commitment are priority areas for Schaeffler Group. The group continues to expand its commitment in the field of climate protection. At the recently concluded COP26, the group announced that it aims to operate as a climate‑neutral Company from 2040. This objective covers the decarbonisation of both production facilities, which will be carbon neutral by 2030, as well as the Company’s supply chain.

Net zero vision - Schaeffler Group to be climate neutral by 2040

Own production facilities (Scope 1 and 2) planned to reduce emission by 75% until 2025 and achieve Climate Neutral production in 2030

By 2024, all Schaeffler sites worldwide will purchase electricity generated from 100% renewable sources

CO2 reduction in the supply chain
(Scope 3 upstream) by 2040

Striking partnerships. Going green.

Schaeffler Group has recently entered into an agreement with H2 green steel to purchase 1,00,000 tonnes of the virtually CO2-free steel 2025 onwards. This is a significant step in the direction of carbon neutrality and strengthens our position as a preferred technology partner, generating sustainable value for our customers.

Reimagining sustainability goals

In line with the group’s approach to achieve climate neutrality, we are in the process of realigning Schaeffler India’s sustainability targets and strategy. We are working on an approach, which will cover all our areas of work and help us achieve the targets in an inclusive manner.

Schaeffler Group sustainability targets

Climate-Neutral production
New in 2021

At all Schaeffler production sites until 2030

Energy efficiency

100 GWh cumulated annual efficiency gains until 2024

Renewable energy

100% purchased power from renewable sources until 2024

CDP rating

‘A-’ rating at the CDP climate score until 2021

Climate-neutral supply chain
New in 2021

Climate-neutral supply chain until 2040

Sustainable suppliers

90% of purchasing volume of PM material from suppliers with SAQs until 2022

Freshwater supply
New in 2021

20% reduction in freshwater withdrawal until 2030

Accident rate

10% average annual reduction of accident rate until 2024

Schaeffler India’s ESG Journey