Supporting Stakeholders During the Pandemic

Enabling safety.
Strengthening relationships.

With the onset of the pandemic, protecting the interests of all our stakeholders was top priority for us. We worked closely with all stakeholders – spreading awareness about the pandemic, understanding their issues and providing support to the extent possible.

  • Leadership outreach to all sections of employees to reassure and keep them updated
  • Made timely payment of salaries to employees
  • Ensured the safety and well-being of employees much before official lockdown
  • Enabled work-from-home with a dedicated VPN gateway for India
  • Conducted regular online trainings/webinars covering 100+ different topics on technical, functional, managerial and behavioural domains.
  • Completed more than 30,000 man-hours of online training
  • Conducted online sessions on meditation and well-being
  • Conducted Google talk or MS Team based quizzes and training for operating group employees
  • Undertook sanitisation, provided PPE and safety kit on priority at all plants
  • Used video messages to explain health and safety SOPs
  • Outlined EHS SOPs protocols for corporate and sales office locations
  • Formed taskforce including freight forwarder, custom clearing agent and Schaeffler logistic team to clear over 220 containers in record two weeks
  • Consulted regularly with suppliers about their ability to supply against schedule through survey
  • Formed a taskforce during lockdown to prepare the facility and subsequent permission for warehouse operation during unlock phase
  • Prepared in advance and reviewed all incoming vessel schedules to undertake necessary planning to meet customer requirements
  • Created alternate transportation arrangements between plant and warehouses for faster delivery
  • Booked space with shipping line and airlines, so that outbound material get the priority loading preference
  • Based on the state government guidelines, 22 villages around Schaeffler Talegaon plant were provided with Arsenic Album tablets as prophylactic measure against COVID-19 pandemic in June 2020
  • Three Mobi Health Units reached out to villages regularly
Business partners
  • Ensured availability of adequate working capital
  • Made timely payments to suppliers and service providers
  • Monitored regularly supplier data – emergency reporting, health monitoring, site safety, visitors monitoring, concerns
  • Consulted regularly with suppliers about their ability to supply against schedule through survey
  • Informed suppliers on smooth re-start of production and ensured stable operations with quality and delivery
  • Communicated with suppliers on measures to be taken during restart phase
Government and regulators
  • Our employees donated whole-heartedly in company’s contribution of ` 13.0 million to the PM CARES Fund
  • Contributed ` 6.0 million to buy ventilators and other medical equipment to build ICU at the district hospital, Aundh, Pune
  • Donated ` 1.0 million to ESIC Hospital in Krishnagiri, Hosur, for procuring medical instruments
  • Donated PPE kits, masks and medicines worth ` 0.5 million to the district health department in Vadodara, Gujarat