Empowering the community.
Growing together.

At Schaeffler India, we work closely with our communities across all locations to ensure their development and well-being. Our community initiatives are christened HOPE, which stands for Healthcare, Occupational skill for better employability, Preserving national heritage, art and culture and Empowering
the society.



Shared value creation is the core purpose driving our community initiatives.

Led by the values of being sustainable, innovative, excellent and passionate. We are translating economic success into responsible prosperity for all our stakeholders – business partners, employees and the society.

Our approach

  1. Focused CSR choices
  2. Finding the right partner
  3. Implementing CSR initiatives with consistency and determination
  4. Engaging workforce and leading by example
  5. Evolving from corporate philanthropy towards
    value creation

Key initiatives implemented


Occupational skill for better employability

Empowering the society

Road ahead

We will continue to progress ahead on our HOPE initiatives. Further, we are exploring ways to shift our efforts in education from infrastructure development to strengthening intellectual infrastructure in schools. Livelihood and skilling, and community development and sustainability will remain our focus areas.

Enhancing customer centricity

Customers form the core of our existence, and we are committed to provide them with innovative and relevant solutions. We have created an eco-system for customer experience driven by seamless demand management, robust operations model, best-in-class warehousing and logistics along with superior customer service.



The external environment and business dynamics are changing, faster than ever. As a technology provider, we strive hard to stay ahead of this change, to look at tomorrow’s challenges today. This passion for technology and innovation has always been a core element of our DNA and with that comes our aim to become the preferred technology suppliers to our customers. Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to improve our processes and shape organisational behavior and culture to go beyond
customer satisfaction.

Quality Systems

Certified for quality

  • Implementation of Schaeffler Production System at suppliers to ensure high quality input material
  • All Schaeffler sites certified with IATF 16949 accreditation for its quality management systems

Culture of improvement

  • Continuous quality improvements through FfQ, Six Sigma
  • Lower throughput time: value stream design, bottleneck management, line balancing, optimised layout
  • Zero unplanned downtime: total productive maintenance

Innovation and Agility

Logistics Network

  • New CDCs with state-of-the-art infrastructure to leverage scale
  • Reduction in transportation lead time to reach customers
  • Adding 4PL concept along with 3PL to enhance precision of the
    logistic network

Leveraging digital to become agile

  • Usage of robust inventory management tools to offer higher service levels
  • Modern and advanced ERP systems provide the agility to respond dynamically to changing business conditions

Behaviours and Values

Customer focused organisation

  • Hire and train for customer success
  • Understand customer journey
  • Connect company culture to customer outcomes

Proactive engagement

  • Anticipate customer issues beforehand and resolving them
  • Offer solutions to problems swiftly
  • Go above and beyond the basic – customer delight

Processes and Tools

Robust rule-based planning process

  • Integrated ERP System enable cross functional collaboration to achieve best planning result possible
  • Integrated planning helps avoid high inventory/premium freight and ensures uninterrupted material availability

Digital tools to enhance CX

  • EDI connections and dedicated e-commerce portal to deliver high level of convenience to our customers’ user experience
  • Technical consulting based on customer requirements to increase customer value

Creating awareness
Driving better outcomes.

As a technology leader, we continue to support customers across automotive and industrial segments by developing new products and solutions. Our high precision products and solutions continue to drive greater efficiency and offer reliability and safety of operations.



Today, the technology landscape is evolving rapidly, in pace with the evolving consumer needs.
The result is the increasing level of complexities in products and solutions. Developing a product is one thing and ensuring the product performs at its optimum level is quite another. At Schaeffler, we fully understand that technology development cannot outpace the knowledge needed to ensure the optimum performance of products.

Thus, we are equipping our partners and customers with knowledge, which forms a crucial part in
the whole ecosystem. At Schaeffler India, both our Automotive and Industrial divisions focus on training and development programmes for our customers, employees, distributors and key
maintenance personnel.

Reinnovate: Our first ever digital event for industrial distributors

On September 23, 2020, we successfully conducted the India Industrial Distribution Day under the theme of ‘Reinnovate’. We are humbled by the enthusiastic participation the event witnessed. For us, this was an opportunity to connect with our existing distributors as well as to explore future partnerships. Over 80% of our invitees participated in the event and engaged in thought provoking and meaningful discussions with our panelists in the sessions. We will continue to hold this event every year to strengthen our connect with the distributors.

As next steps, we will be onboarding distributors on partner portal and e-commerce, undertake continuous follow ups with distributors on the focused product shown in the presentations and engage with them frequently on different business topics.

Together, we are confident of creating and growing shared value in a sustainable manner.


Trainings conducted for over 720 beneficiaries across distributor’s sales team, mechanics team and internal sales team.

Automotive Aftermarket

Our Automotive Aftermarket division has comprehensive training and repair modules spanning from systems to components. Since its inception in 2018, the technical training centre has been implementing training competencies for transmission, engine and chassis components. This is a
state-of-the-art training centre to ensure that mechanics are trained to work with the best installation practices, latest technology, specialised technical tools and develop those skills.

This initiative is critical to provide complete and holistic solutions for repairs and replacements, including handson experience on working models and machinery. Working models impart training on Timing Belt and Chain Drive system, Front End Auxiliary Drive (FEAD) System, Dual Clutch Transmission (2CT), Self-Adjusting Clutch (SAC), Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) and many more.

In 2019, the team launched a Mobile Training Centre by the name of REPXPERT Truck under the aegis of Schaeffler’s REPXPERT service brand. The mobile training centre is equipped with
state-of-the-art automotive technical training facilities, products, spare-parts and repair tools as well as hands-on training materials, bringing to fore the latest in automotive technology.

A full-time trainer has been engaged for this centre, to provide training on standard fitment practices and examining failure diagnosis of all mechanical parts, along with facilities of effective home-tutorial videos, making training productive and effective. While the van remained unutilised in 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation, our teams took the trainings via digital platforms and conducted over 100-man hours of training for customers distributors and mechanics.

Schaeffler Technology Center

Rolling bearings, linear guidance systems, and plain bearings - these are all indispensable components in thousands of modern applications. Our
high-precision products are used in everything that moves. However, an in-depth understanding is required if they are to be used to their utmost efficiency.
Our Schaeffler Technology Center, based in Vadodara, offers modular range of training courses, which fully cover the individual information requirements of technical and commercial employees.

Key features of our technology centre

System understanding: Basic principles to in-depth specialist knowledge of rolling bearings, mechatronics, systems engineering, assembly, dismantling, and condition monitoring. The incremental learning processes are divided into basic, advanced, and intensive levels.

Qualified trainers: Qualified trainers provide maximum learning success within compact training modules and ensure that a practice-oriented knowledge transfer takes place even at non-central locations.

Quality: Results gathered from market observation, exchange of experiences, feedback, ideas, and suggestions from participants go into continuously improving the range of training courses.

Being in close proximity to our customers all over the world, our state-of-the-art training facilities are also always situated locally – so new information is never far away and a major technological edge can be achieved quickly. With the media-campus learning platform, information is just a few clicks away, thus allowing our customers to plan their learning time freely, determine the order of topics and more.

During the year, a number of trainings were conducted both online and offline – for employees, customers and distributor partners.


Trainings conducted for over 3,200 beneficiaries including customers, channel partners and employees across topics like:

  • Basic principles
  • Products
  • Application
  • Condition monitoring
  • Maintenance practices
  • Trouble-shooting

Giving our best today.
For a better tomorrow.

Our people drive our strategies forward and form the core of our success. Their values of trust, transparency and teamwork reflect in the way they work every day. At Schaeffler India, we are constantly working to give them a world of opportunities and enabling them to do their best. Team Schaeffler comprises people across diverse skills, races, nationalities and gender that is united by mutual respect for one another.



Our learning and development programmes cover people across all functions and levels. These include our employees working at the factory, entry level employees, middle management and
top management.

Learning Management System

In 2020, we implemented the Learning Management System (LMS). It is a digitalised platform for training activities based on the One platform- One approach-One template-One system methodology. In addition to supporting the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and monitoring of training activities in a uniformed manner, it also leads to higher transparency and efficiency.

With the ‘Digital HR’ Initiative, Schaeffler is pursuing the goal of implementing efficient and globally standardised and harmonised processes supported by a user-friendly, cloud-based human resources platform.

Status as on December 31, 2020:

  • 99% end users trained on the system
  • Four key administrators trained
  • Soft skills India catalogue available on LMS
  • Learning Circles and Think Tanks coordinated through LMS
  • Schaeffler Academy E-learning offered from LMS
  • LMS system extended to MOVE function to host trainings

Despite the lockdown we have achieved our KPI of 75% training completion in just five months (August-December 2020) across all our plants and offices.

Continued training even during lockdown

The lockdown fast-tracked the migration of our learning and development activities to online platforms.

Pre-COVID world 2020

Letting go of legacy L&D practices

  • Employee Development Dialogue (EDD) based needs analysis
  • Preference for face-face workshops
  • The ‘training centre’ glue

The new digital 2021


  • Adapting to digital platforms
  • Making LMS a ‘go-to’ learning library
  • Work-from-home leading to better IT infrastructure

Old school leadership programmes

  • Region-specific offerings
  • Obsolete leadership subjects/references
  • A lag in post-programme mechanisms

Hybrid learning

  • A courageous step towards self-learning
  • Virtual Learning Circles and Think Tanks
  • ‘Snackable’ (byte-sized learning modules that can be taken by employees on a regular basis with shorter time cycles and not block an entire day or days) virtual classrooms

Onus of learning

  • Employees’ dependency on L&D partners as drivers of learning
  • Audit-focused drive to completing training drives

The disruptive thought process

  • ‘My pace, my time, my learning’
  • Agility and adaptability

Strong participation in online trainings



264 hours




We continued to conduct trainings for our high potential employees via the Accelerated Leadership Programme (ALP) for nominated employees and Young Leaders Programme (YLP) for new joinees.

Resonance: Leadership culture at Schaeffler India

This initiative focused on strengthening basic behaviour in Schaeffler. An engaging approach of storytelling was used to reinforce how people manager, team leaders and individual contributors must conduct themselves at the organisation. Pre-read material was shared before the session and viewpoints of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) members was also shared. It was very successful and received encouraging feedback from employees.

Employees trained in ethical practices