Operational Highlights

Engaging with customers.
Eye firmly on success.

The lockdown impacted the pace of our work. However, we continued our efforts towards development and launch of distinctive, innovative and future-ready products across all business segments.

Automotive Technologies

Our enduring relationships with a wide array of Automotive OEMs have proved immensely beneficial to this business segment during the year. On the Aftermarket and distribution side, the cost rationalisation measures adopted last year have had a positive effect on our bottom-line. Material costs posed a challenge towards the end of 2019; but existing inventories helped us mitigate a deeper impact. Over the last four years, we have been developing a range of customised products for OEMs. In 2020, our content per car increased to €38 as against €33 in 2018.

During the year, we also witnessed strong business growth in the light commercial vehicle segment, as a result of completion of multiple projects that were in the pipeline. While the sector is still transitioning from BS-IV to BS-VI, we have already de-risked our business by increasing our presence in the gasoline engines segment. This helped us gain significant mileage with the country’s top five OEMs across chassis, engines and transmission products.

Key products driving growth during 2020

Engine Chassis Transmission
FEAD Hydraulic Tensioner Gen 3 Wheel Bearings Clutch and Clutch Release System
Chain Drive System DGBB & 4PCBB DCT Dampers
HLA/RFF CV Clutches
FEAD Belt Tensioner Hybrid Damper
Fuel Pump Tappet
Mechanical Tappet
Rocker arm with HLA for Tractor

Automotive Aftermarket

In October 2020, we launched a comprehensive range of lubricants for all vehicle segments under the brand name ‘Schaeffler TruPower’. It covers up-to-date specifications (including those of latest BS-VI range) for engine oil, transmission fluid, grease, coolant, hydraulic oil and shock absorber oil. It combines hi-tech and premium base oil with enhanced additive technology that is designed to meet demanding requirements for Indian vehicles. This comprehensive range of lubricants is formulated to maximise the efficiency, performance and longevity of petrol and diesel engines.

The launch is in line with our strategy of offering products, which are a perfect value addition to our existing offerings, namely, transmission, engine and chassis products. Our lubricants are designed to improve performance of vehicles and enhance engine life.

Key benefits of Schaeffler TruPower

  • Premium base oil with enhanced additives technology
  • Comprehensive range across vehicle segments
  • Future-ready oil meets upgraded specification
  • From globally trusted brands
    (LuK, INA, FAG)


Despite the tepid growth in the overall industrial sector in the initial quarters of the fiscal, we depended on our strong legacy of innovation to create differentiated products and retain our market position. In October, we also launched ‘OPTIME’ – an efficient and easy-to-use low-cost solution designed specifically for comprehensive and automated condition monitoring of all process-critical assets across all machines and equipment. The India launch of OPTIME is part of the overall launch in the entire Asia Pacific region.

The primary benefit of this product is that it helps in virtually eliminating unplanned machine and plant shutdowns.

Other benefits of OPTIME

  • Highly scalable wireless IoT solution
  • Easily integrates several hundred assets in a single day
  • Saves up to 50% costs compared with manual offline measurement

OPTIME consists of wireless, battery-powered vibration sensors, a gateway, and an app to visualise and process the resulting data. The data captured by the sensors are analysed using specially developed algorithms that leverage Schaeffler’s technical expertise. OPTIME provides several weeks’ early warning of damage to machine components such as electric motors, fans, and pumps. It also provides early warning of imbalances, misalignments, and knocking. With OPTIME, in-house maintenance crews and external service contractors receive specific recommendations on the remedial steps required, so they can easily plan their maintenance work, manpower requirements, and spare parts procurement in a timely and cost-effective manner. OPTIME can be used for a multitude of assets for which condition monitoring was previously not commercially viable.

We have set in motion the Schaeffler India Quick Centre. Here, we provide ready-to-fit customised linear guides solution as per customer application need in just one-tenth time. The key components of the Linear Assembly Guideways are carriages, stainless steel grip, magnets, end cap anchors, end seal, return guides, rail and grease fitting.

Benefits of the Linear Assembly Guideways

  • High positional accuracy
  • Long life with extremely accurate motion
  • High speed motion with less driving force
  • Equal loading capacity in all directions
  • Effortless installation and lubrication
  • Interchangeability and more