Digitalisation and Industry 4.0

Stronger and smarter future

Digitalisation in Manufacturing

For manufacturing companies, standing still is not an option; neither is simply moving forward with ‘business as usual’ mindset. The factories of the future must become intelligent, innovative, and effective to tackle with shorter time to market, increasing complexity, and rising competition and cost economics. Considering this scenario, we initiated massive digitalisation drive to unlock system efficiency, process effectiveness and operational productivity. The key initiatives commenced were:

Operations Technology Security
Security transparency programme across its plants to protect its equipment against any potential cyberattacks and hacks.

Digitalised Quality Control
For any manufacturing leader, the quality of its design and conformance to specifications are an absolute requirement. To eliminate any instance of
non-conformity of products,

Schaeffler India in its Pune plant rolled out the Control of Suspected Parts (CoSP) initiative to track and control the reason and bring in benefits of time and cost savings.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
Schaeffler India implemented SCADA control system at its Pune plant to gather real-time data and identify problems and performance gaps.

Driving Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Schaeffler India introduced Lean Performance Management System (LPMS) at its Hosur plant to increase the equipment effectiveness. The system monitors and records key parameters such as equipment downtime, equipment idling and stoppages, and process defects to help us increase our operational productivity.

Digital Finance

The finance function is the biggest cog in an enterprise’s performance wheel. Often considered as the most traditional role in company, the modern finance function is key to the adoption of digital technologies.

The finance department at Schaeffler India is no different. The team is in full support of the organisation’s digitalisation drive and has embraced the digital transformation bringing in streamlined processes, improved efficiencies, increased collaboration, and better cost management. Some of the initiatives are:

As per the mandate from Indian government, we have digitalised our invoice system and integrated our internal systems with government portal. This initiative was successfully rolled out on 01.10.2020 and till date 300,000 invoices have been processed automatically.

e-Way Bill
To ease the timely and seamless interstate movement of goods, we have integrated our internal systems with government portals and launched the e-way bill facility on March 15, 2021. Till date, 5,000,000 e-way bills have been created automatically.

Encouraged by the short adoption cycle, the teams have already initiated a number of projects to digitise traditional manual processes in the areas of employee direct tax, meetings and conferences, audits, payments, workflow for approval, stock keeping (using latest digital technology like HoloLens) and bank rationalisation among others. Even mundane tasks like invoice reader and a well-planned document management system are being rolled out digitally to ensure wide coverage.

Digital HR

We are pursuing the goal of implementing efficient and globally standardised and harmonised processes supported by a user-friendly, cloud-based human resources platform. In combination with a uniform HR data management the global data quality will be increased, the reporting capability extended, and the maintenance complexity of the HR system landscape reduced.

Three major initiatives that were launched under the digital HR initiative in India during 2020:

Learning Management System
Global portal to all learning offers of the Schaeffler Academy. Here, employees and managers can find an overview of all trainings and can book classroom trainings, Live Online Training and E-Learnings directly via the system.

Performance and Goal Management system
Doing away with the traditional bell curve process, the new Performance and Goal Management tool SuccessFactor aims to enhance individual performance and continuous development of employees. The new approach makes performance management transparent; careers of our employees are planned sustainably due to continuous dialogue via feedback between employee and manager.

Travel Management System
In today’s world, ensuring employees’ safety remains a top priority at Schaeffler India. The ability to pinpoint and communicate with the traveler, anywhere, quickly and accurately is critical, as alerts can be easily sent out should an unexpected event occur, or assistance can be rendered whenever required. New digital ‘concur’ system features an all-in-one modern, centralised digital solution for booking of business trips, similar to travel portals on the internet, and processing of claims, in accordance with standardised guidelines and processes. It is also easily accessible via PC or App.

Industry 4.0 – Schaeffler’s offerings for customers

High-performance. Precise. Application-oriented. Schaeffler turns Industry 4.0 into practice – for increased customer benefits, sustainability, and efficiency. Even today, customers from a range of sectors are already reaping the benefits of our 4.0 solutions. Smart sensors and mechatronic products from Schaeffler record data at the heart of the machine during operation. When combined with Schaeffler’s system and modelling expertise, these real-time data form the basis for a digital image of the machine that makes further analysis and digital services possible. Our smart components and ready-to-install systems are always perfectly tailored to the specific application. Convince yourself and benefit from Schaeffler Industry 4.0 solutions.

Benefits of Schaeffler’s Service Solutions

Digitising purchasing process

Implementation of Coupa
The Coupa procurement system streamlines procurement management processes so as to reduce costs while saving valuable time and obtain complete visibility with real-time dashboards that enables to understand cost and budgets. Implemented in a modular manner, the new digital NPM purchasing solution enables Source to Contract (S2C) visibility. Coupa enables state-of-the-art user interfaces, digital supplier-management, sourcing and contracting, transparent and audit-proof contracting and increased data quality and transparency.

Integrated Supplier Management System
Our integrated portal SupplyOn allows complete process automation including orders, scheduling, planning and dispatch monitoring. Schaeffler India initiated business directory registration for all the production material suppliers for maintaining supplier masters in system where suppliers upload their changes like contact person, certificates and company details among others. The digital tool is designed centrally to bring in greater transparency, speed and effectiveness into the entire value chain, driving effective decision-making.